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Our motivation is good manufactured products, which are sustainable and durable in design and quality. We want to make them accessible to the public. That is what we have in common with the D.E.S.I.G.N FOUNDATION which is founded in Liechtenstein.
This Future Forward Competition is initiated by BLICKFANG and the D.E.S.I.G.N FOUNDATION and is supposed to ensure the production of these products on a long-term basis. With this promotion of young talents, we want to give young designers the chance of connecting with consumers and experienced people from the branch.
Because the winners of the award not only receive free participation on the BLICKFANG fair, they also receive personal coaching from the BLICKFANG founder Dieter Hofmann and our Head of Communication and PR Carmen Fischer.
We are happy to present to you our Winners at the BLCIKFANG fair in Zurich: architect mum from the region of Stuttgart, and JBNG Studio from Cologne. 

Growing cities, shrinking living space, and a society that is asking for more mobility and flexibility, require formal and technical solutions in design.
As a reaction to that, PARAT has been created as a product range of flexible and mobile objects, which are static and dynamic at the same time. The PARAT – table system is a series of mobile table racks with variable sizes for a wide range of needs. The main focus is the overlap of living and workspace. The three-legged PARAT- Bock can be built up by hand without any tools.
The components are all combinable, which makes the objects flexible in usage. Compared to systems that are more complex with a lot of small parts, the PARAT- Tablerag grants easier handling and covers all the needs at the same time. With the help of four screws, the table base is assembled already. Depending on the needs, thet able can be extended with storage trays and drawers in different sizes. Both of them can be assembled in a few steps and convince with their puristic design.

Carolin Hackers career, starting in the Hotel business to being an architect with her self-made brand is as interesting as her products themselves. After searching for durable and visually appealing furniture and equipment for her child’s room unsuccessfully, she designed her first product: a benchmark that is timeless, minimalistic, and customizable.  Soon after that further products were created, like the pen holder „creative cube“, whose design is appealing for children and adults and therefore doesn’t need to be moved away from the kid’s bedroom as soon as it is becoming a teenager.


Denn die Gewinner:innen erhalten neben einer kostenlosen Messebeteiligung an der BLICKFANG auch ein persönliches Coaching mit dem Gründer und Geschäftsführer der BLICKFANG Dieter Hofmann und Carmen Fischer, Head of Unternehmenskommunikation & PR.

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