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Di–Fr/Tue–Fri         11.00–18.30
Sa/Sat                     10.00–17.00

VBZ/Public transport: Museum für Gestaltung 4, 13, 17

Einzigart – Selected Design offers carefully curated design objects – from original accessories to thought-through furniture. Not only as gifts for loved ones on special occasions but also as a personal reward to make you happy. From timelessly beautiful classics, new editions by well-known designers, innovative products or limited editions with potential of a classic: Einzigart carries perfectly designed objects and gift ideas in an inspiring assortment that is quite unique throughout Zurich – for every budget and for aficionados of multifaceted design.

Di–Fr/Tue–Fri 11.00–18.30
Sa/Sat 10.00–17.00
VBZ/Public transport: Museum für Gestaltung 4, 13, 17

It says «Eat fruit, not friends» on Klaras Shirt. Together with her husband Erich she opened the restaurant Klara’s kitchen in May.

A place with day-to-day freshly and plant-based choices. There are rich salad bowls and nutritious warm dishes from all over the world –  from a Caribbean stew over Thai curry to “geschnetzelten” from Zurich, which is striped meat in creamy gravy; everything vegan, everything prepared with love. Next to four to five daily dishes, a fine soup will be served. We gave up on wheat completely and use alternative grains like rice, emmer, Kamut, or gluten-free oats. Our delicious sweets are all made without sugar but other sweets like dates instead.

The appearance you get from the outside will be confirmed once you get to talk to the owner: This is the place for sustainable and resourceful gastronomy. In the evening (when their son is busy playing) Klara and Erich sit down together and decide on what to serve tomorrow.

In that process they let each other be inspired by their surroundings such as in weather and the season, but also by their mood. Usually, they plan to be out without any leftovers.

<<Whoever shows up till 1 p.m usually has the full choices>> Klara said. After that, you are left with whatever is left. But since everything (really everything) we got to try on our visit at Klara’s kitchen was delicious, this does not even bother but only makes the struggles of deciding a bit easier. At 3 p.m the restaurant, which also has a beautiful terrace in the sun, closes.

Opening hours: Mo- Fr 7.30-15Uhr

What if the humble idea of creating a contemporary interaction about food could spread the world?

In the six stores in the middle of Zurich, various vegan and environmentally sustainable dishes are waiting for you. For Breakfast, Lunch, or simply for a snack. The various and diverse menu is put together with regional products and is popular with kids and adults. Roots wants to connect people, bring joy and make you think.

Lintheschergasse 15, 8001 Zürich
Am Schanzengraben 19, 8002 Zürich
Sihlporte 3, 8002 Zürich
Gutenbergstrasse 1, 8002 Zürich
Limmatstrasse 254. 8005 Zürich
Maschinenstrasse 8, 8005 Zürich



For us, being healthy means eating balanced, nutritious, and plant-based. That is what sprout is all about – varied, plant-based gourmet dishes which are created by nutritionists and full of nutrients. And what has more nutrients than a sprout, the origin of each plant? The dishes are cooked by our gourmet chefs freshly and will be delivered to you weekly. Create your dish now:

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