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§ 1  Application

Exhibitors wishing to take part in the fair must use the application form. The potential exhibitor accepts that the application is legally binding for up to 8 days after submission of the application, unless admission has been granted in the meantime.

§ 2  Acceptance

With the application, the exhibitor accepts the fair terms and conditions as legally binding for him/herself and all staff the exhibitor employs at the fair.

All legal requirements pertaining to labour and trading legislation, especially to fire prevention, accident prevention, trade names and pricing are to be observed.

§ 3  Admission

blickfang GmbH decides on the admission of exhibitors. The organizer is entitled to reject applications. Upon receipt of the confirmation for admission or the invoice by the exhibitor, the conclusion of the contract between the organizer and the exhibitor is completed and in any case the handling fee in the amount of EUR170.- or CHF 215.- is due.

The granted admission can be revoked if the conditions for the granting are no longer fulfilled. The exhibition management is entitled to release the exhibitor from the contract if there is a delay in payment despite two reminders. In this case, the withdrawal fee must also be paid.

§ 4 Changes – important cause –

Unforeseen events which make it impossible to hold the exhibition as planned and for which the organizer is not responsible, entitle the organizer to

(a) cancel the exhibition before it opens

If the cancellation must be cancelled or closed 8 weeks or more before the opening due to force majeure or an official order, blickfang GmbH will retain a contribution towards expenses of 25% of the invoice amount.

b) to postpone the exhibition

Exhibitors who can prove that this results in an overlap with another exhibition for which they have already booked a fixed date can claim release from the contract. They shall pay the contributions to expenses as stipulated in a).

c) to shorten the exhibition

Exhibitors may not demand a release from the contract.

There is no reduction of the invoice amount.

In all cases, the organizer should carefully weigh such serious decisions and announce them as early as possible. Claims for damages are excluded for both parties in any case.

Should the event be postponed or cancelled, the exhibitor will be reimbursed in instalments, minus any contributions towards expenses. These instalments may extend over a maximum period of 6 months.

§ 5  Cancelling the Contract

Application for cancellation of the contract can only be made in writing. It is legally effective only after the organiser gives written consent. Should a withdrawal be approved, as an exception, after legally binding application or after successful admission, EUR 250.- or CHF 300.- are to be paid. Later than 8 weeks before the event opens 50% of invoice total and later than 3 weeks before the event opens 100% of invoice total. The fee has to be paid as a contribution towards expenses incurred. The fair management can make withdrawal dependent upon re-letting the stand concerned. The withdrawal fee is also to be paid if the stand is rented to another exhibitor.

§ 6  Stand Allocation

Stands are allocated by the fair management according to aspects governed by the fair theme. The fair management must inform exhibitors of changes in the location, type or measurements of the stand immediately and in writing. The exhibitor has to accept any changes during the set-up with a max. reduction of 20%.

§ 7  Sub-letting, Co-Exhibitors, Surrendering to Third Parties

The exhibitor may not partially or entirely move, sublet, share or exchange the stand allocated him/her, nor surrender it in part or in whole to third parties without prior permission from the fair management. Admission of a co-exhibitor permitted by the fair management is against payment.

§ 8  Joint and Several Liability

Should several exhibitors jointly rent a stand, they are jointly and severally liable. For the blickfang GmbH the exhibitor is a jointly authorised person when the application is delivered in his name. The fair management needs to negotiate only with this one person. Notification made to the authorised representative person represents notification to the exhibitor, or for jointly rented stands, to the exhibitors.

§ 9  Terms of Payment

a) Date of Maturity

50% of the invoice amounts are due within twenty days after date of invoice; the remainder is due up to six weeks prior to the opening of the fair. Invoices made out later than six weeks before opening of the fair are to be paid in full immediately.
blickfang reserves the right to cancel the participation, if the invoices are not covered in due time.

§ 10  Stand Design and Equipment

For the entire duration of the event the name and address of the stand holder must be visible on the stand and clearly recognisable for everyone.

Should it be necessary for the organiser to demand a uniform stand set-up, equipping of the stands is then the exhibitor’s concern. Guidelines set out by the

fair management are to be observed in the interests of maintaining a favourable overall impression. Stands may not exceed the stand area. Before planning a stand exceeding the appointed height, the exhibitor must have the fair management’s express permission.

The fair management is entitled to demand alteration or removal of fair stands that have not been authorised.

§ 11  Advertising at the Event

Advertising of any kind, especially distribution of printed advertising matter, and approaching visitors is only permitted on the stand.

The use of public address systems, music and photographs of all kinds – also for advertising purposes – requires prior express permission.

§ 12  Set-up

The exhibitor is obliged to complete stand set-up one hour before the opening at the latest. The set up usually takes place one day before the event. The exact timing will be announce be the team beforehand. All materials used for set-up, especially those for decoration purposes, must be of low flammability.

§ 13  Staffing of Stand

The exhibitor is obliged to fill the stand with the declared goods for the entire length of the event. The fair management are responsible for cleaning of the premises, the halls and the aisles. The exhibitor is responsible for cleaning of the stands which must be carried out on a daily basis after the fair closes for the day.

§ 14 Dismantling of Stand

Exhibitors are not allowed to remove exhibits or dismantle stands in whole or in part before the closing date of the fair. Dismantling of the stand must be completed within the specified dismantling period on the last day of the event. The exhibitor is liable for damage to the floor, the walls, or to the material placed at his/her disposal either for rent or on loan. The stand is to be returned in its original condition at the latest by the date specified for completion of dismantling, usually the evening of the last exhibition day.

§ 15  Electricity Supply

The organiser covers the cost of general lighting. Power Supply is obligatory in order to optimize the additional lightning of each booth. The fair management is not liable for interruption or fluctuation in electricity supply.

§ 16  Security

General surveillance of the grounds and halls is the responsibility of the fair management with exclusion of liability for loss or damages.

The exhibitor is responsible for supervision and surveillance of the stand. This also applies during the set-up and dismantling periods and before the start and close of the fair.

Special surveillance is only authorised with prior permission from the fair management.

§ 17  Liability and Insurance

The organiser accepts no responsibility for damage to fair goods and stand equipment or for consequential damages. The organiser is liable solely for damage to property and personal injury for which he/she can be held legally liable.

The exhibitor is urged to insure fair goods and to take out personal liability insurance at his/her own expense.

§ 18  Catering/ Food and Beverages

With the exception of free samples, the provision of wine, beer, spirits, coffee, other beverages and food require permission from the city authorities and the express permission of the fair management.

§ 19  Regulations for Use

The fair management exercises regulations for use on the fair premises and may enact regulations for use. Exhibitors are not permitted to stay overnight in the fair halls or on the fair grounds.

§ 20  Statutory Period of Limitation

All the exhibitor’s claims against the organiser lapse if they are not asserted in writing 2 weeks after the closing date of the fair at the very latest.

§ 21  Amendments

To be legally effective, any amendments that do not concur with the fair terms and conditions require mutual written confirmation

§ 22  Place of Performance and Place of Jurisdiction

Place of performance and place of jurisdiction is the seat of the organiser also if claims are made in a judicial collection proceeding.

In the case of divergence between the English and the German text, the German text prevails!

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