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Sebastian Herkner is BLICKFANG Curator 2024

The multi-award-winning German product designer is one of the most highly demanded designers of our time. Together with his team, he creates furniture and lighting for renowned brands such as Thonet, Moroso and ClassiCon.

With his unique style and his clear focus on functionality and sustainability, he is shaping the international design landscape. This year, he is also taking on a very special role: As Curator of the Year, Sebastian Herkner is supporting BLICKFANG 2024 with his design expertise.



“BLICKFANG is the ideal opportunity to observe the reactions to your own designs with great attention. If the feedback is positive, then ‘stick with it’. Most people don’t last, because it can take time to set up your own business, yet we were all start-ups once.”


“BLICKFANG is an excellent platform that allows
young people and young companies can test themselves and find answers to questions such as ‘Will my idea work?’ or ‘Can I pitch it to anyone?”


“The BLICKFANG is a great counter-example to the one-size-fits-all offerings of globalization: Here you can really get things that you wouldn’t see otherwise – the BLICKFANG is a fantastic stage and pop-up concept store in one!”


“For me, BLICKFANG is always a ‘come together’ for the entire design community. What I really appreciate about BLICKFANG is that it offers a reality check for every designer. I can therefore only recommend BLICKFANG because there is a very concentrated, interested and design-savvy audience. BLICKFANG is always a ‘design firework’.”


“BLICKFANG offers self-producing designers an
designers an excellent opportunity to present their
to present and sell their designs to a design-interested public.”


“For years, BLICKFANG has been acting at the junction between creative processes and their realization and offers an ideal platform for the combination of design, production and distribution. BLICKFANG is both a source and an inflow hub and gives visitors an impressive look behind the scenes, allowing them to experience both the products offered by experienced professionals and the freshness of newcomers with often astonishing ideas. In the current context of radically changing concepts of trade fairs, which are increasingly moving away from their traditional meaning, BLICKFANG acts as a pioneer and keeps an eye on the essentials: the user in the product world.”


„In recent years, an exciting infrastructure has developed around BLICKFANG as a sales platform for independent design, which we consider to be very special. I
Toget direct feedback on ones designs and a very practical insight into the industry in exchange with press representatives, established designers and producers – an incredibly valuable and often groundbreaking experience.”


“In today’s globalized design world, a format like BLICKFANG, where designers and small manufacturers can sell directly, is a very contemporary approach. Meeting the designers of the products in person and learning a bit more about their story takes the principle of a trade fair to a whole new level.”

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